A new kind of vertical blind fabric unlike any other in the world of vertical, can convert any client's window into a subtle permanent corporate identity presentation.

Any corporate Logo can be 3-dimensionally embossed into each louver of the blind and can be spaced out as desired.
LogoDrape is ideal for environments such as hotels, banks, airlines, corporate chains, showrooms and many more.

Material Specifications:

Allows you to see outside through its micro-perforations giving an office a roomier impression.
Has perforations of an openness-factor of 9% reducing the glare on computer terminals.
Absorbs 49% of all noise making it the first acoustical vertical in the world.
Is waterproof & can be washed in a washing machine.
Is UV resistant.
Is color fade resistant.
Is Flame resistant.
Lets you incorporate your company's logo onto the vanes.
Comes in the three attractive colors of white, beige and light grey.


Vertical Blinds are very easy to match in any environment, and are used to exclude the harsh rays of sun while keeping an outward vision if desired. Ideal for hospitals, banks, showrooms, offices as well as for residences.

Mediropa's Vertical systems are very easy to operate, compact in design and delivered exactly to measure.

Vertical fabrics with SPC (solar protective coatings) are also available. SPC significantly improves solar & optical performance, reduces glare, reflects solar gain & is flame retardant.

All Vertical blinds can be manually, electrically or battery operated either by a switch or by a remote control.